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Cord Blood Awareness Month

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July is National Cord Blood Awareness Month! Celebrate by spreading the word about cord blood. Cord blood is the term used for the blood collected from the umbilical cord and placenta (after birth) when a healthy baby is born.

Cord blood banking means preserving the newborn stem cells found in the blood of the umbilical cord and the placenta. After a baby is born, and even after delayed cord clamping, there is blood remaining in the umbilical cord and placenta that holds valuable newborn stem cells. Parents have a choice between donating cord blood to a public bank for free, or paying to store it for their family in a private bank. Cord blood banking includes the whole process from collection through storage of newborn stem cells for future medical purposes. To learn more about cord blood banking, visit Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation at

Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation 
23110 Georgia Avenue
Brookeville, MD 20833 
(301) 774-4915 
Materials available 
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