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Save Your Vision Month

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Still, each March during Save Your Vision Month (SYVM), we amp up our message to the public: Regular, in-person, comprehensive eye examinations, performed by doctors of optometry, are essential to your health. It's a message that never gets old, even after more than 90 years of the observance we founded.

More than ever, though, this message is worth repeating, very loudly and very unambiguously. By 2030, the last baby boomer will turn 65 years old. As the boomers have grown older, their demand for eye care has grown-and not just for refractive care. There is a greater demand for medical eye care, and doctors of optometry are poised to meet that need, provided we are properly trained and have expanded our scope of practice across the country to allow us to do much of what our patients need, and quite frankly, expect us to do.

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Source: 2019 National Health Observances, National Health Information Center, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC.

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